Gimik 101
Planner PG 101 know your objectives profile invitees design/package event schedule setting schedule and targets budget Types of Events Concerts rock pop-acoustic, choir - church, school Film-showing premiere short films Fundraisers contests games Parties reunions - family, school birthdays/ anniversary - children's, debut, silver, golden ball - fraternity/sorority, company prom Special occassions Office parties Awards Sporting Events Fun and GAmes Summer Tournaments Special Interest dog show car show job fair night markets book launches opening of exhibits premiere nights product launches Getaways Field Trips Bridal Shower Stag Party Weddings Conferences Awards Seminars Exhibits Gimik Planning and Tasking Things you need to know: Tasking - concept - objectives - program - schedule/ time frame - designs - committees: marketing, publicity, logistics, venue, food, program proper - budget - working budget, sponsorships - documentation - audience/ invitations - evaluation Checklist of invites : audience -- VIPs, sponsors, paying audience, free Checklist of equipment Things you need Business Communication the PG Way 1. business letters - how to write a good business letter business cards: solicitation, permission, invitations 2. promotional materials 3. invitations Designing Your Gimik ideas - thematic

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