Style of the Nation

The “Acads” Theme

- Denney Mannda

The wonders of Los Banos and the majesty of Mt. Makiling make its constituents in touch with nature, academics and of course, style.

     Home to the country’s smartest and brightest future scientists, agriculturists, veterinarians, development workers, media personalities and artists, UPLB definitely is a clout of various personalities and minds. The wonders of Los Banos and the majesty of Mt. Makiling make its constituents in touch with nature, academics and of course, style.

Looking and feeling good is undeniably everyone’s assignment in fulfilling one’s being. UPLB defines its fashion sense as highly influenced by a mountain’s mysticism, a town’s warmth and a very humid weather.
The Fashion Formula
In a conformist and commercial-driven paradigm, the UPLB fashion-sense can be abstracted with the formula:

"X is not my priority, such that X is not equal to education";
whereas: fashion is not equal to education (there is no BS Fashion Design here),
therefore: fashion should not be a priority.

Simply put, the UPLB fashion style should not look premeditated which means that one wears the first pair of clothes from the closet – meaning, the clothes must clash. Cram!

  • Students of communication may argue that a fashion statement, is a communication device and therefore within their field of studies.
  • Some students are so good in class and the formula no longer applies.
  • Students who does not adopt the formula leaves the school (willingly or not)
The “Iskolar ng Bayan” Simplicity
Since the Uni is run by the state, most students feel a sense of gratitude to the nation’s majority and repay it with sympathy. One with the “masa” means that the first thing on top of the closet must not be an Armani, or if it is, the label must not be shown on the print. UPLB fashion is purely simple, comfortable and relatively diverse.
Clothing Articles
It is definitely simple but expressive – expressive in a sense that t-shirts help you identify the group where each student belong. - org shirts - block shirts - frat shirt/ sorority tees - sports teams - PALACASAN/ CEMPLANGAN/ ENG MEET/ TRI-MEET ETC. - UPLB t-shirts Students’ creativity is forced to exhibit itself in a much more popularly termed as an org shirt.

UPLB’s humidity forces people to adjust to its warm weather. People are mostly seen in jeans, which is probably the most comfortable of all, and requires less laundry. Guys and girls alike can be seen in walking shorts and for sexy and petite girls, the locally termed “pekpek shorts” (just wonder why it’s called that). Recent developments may include girls wearing basketball shorts because of the various sports tournaments held in campus.

Flipflops for men and women is probably the most popular footwear in UPLB-landia. Since most people walk, they opt to wear very comfortable footwear formerly called, “tsinelas, step-in”, but thank goodness, nowadays, these are called, FLIPFLOPS. Flipflops come in different designs and prices – may it be havaianas, havana, dupe, rusty lopez, Spartan or an unbranded product probably picked up in one of the tsangge.
Hiking sandals, sneakers and rubber shoes are also popular among the UPLB crowd.
UPLB fashion is also complete with accessories. Girls use earrings, bracelets, friendship bands and of course the ORG/FRAT/SORORITY PINS (which are usually sold for fund raising)

Umbrellas. In the Philippines, UPLB is probably the place where umbrellas are part of an everyday get-up. The landscaped-manicured campus is very conducive for walking, from one building to another. Students, guys, gurls and gays alike frolick around the campus together with their umbrellas, of different sizes and colors, to inhibit the sun rays away from their skin.

Burn scar is probably a fashion statement mostly seen among frat men. It is some sort of a ritual.

Tattoos (real and henna). You can avail of a real tattoo outside the campus, but henna tattoos are popular because it can be accessed in bars and org gimmicks.

Shells, corals. The only thing lacking in Los Banos is probably the beach. It is undeniable that many students are beach buffs, thus many can be seen wearing shells and coral accessories. Other popular accessories such as those that can be bought anywhere are common among girls.

Hair extension for men UPLB guys are not legolas wannabes but it is usual that you see guys with “extended hairs”. Most guys are hair cut deprived, since most of them study too much or get hang-overs most of the time, the guys are unable to save money for a hair cut.


One thing really good about LB fashion is, its comfort. You can go around the campus or town which by the way is usually humid, and most of the classrooms does not have air-conditioning, everyone swings by with simple clothing, comfortable shoes, inexpensive accessories and varied hairstyles (untrimmed and uncut). What makes UPLB charming is the people’s drive for the simple but with style. I assure you, many can be seen as simply elegant in simple shirt and shorts, thus the challenge of bringing out real beauty is hardly a difficult task among the UPLB crowd. But still, many guys need to have a haircut and use products on their hair.