A Record Rut!
Just how long is this going to last? Hopefully, not so long that my ears will involuntarily become deaf. If praise worthy music needs to be mentioned here, it would be the ones made years ago, here and there. This is exactly the reason why there are so many remakes these days, as if the good artists - the real ones, have all retired, gone deaf or died. I wouldn't even call them "covers", for what's been done recently is that the original is stripped naked of all its effective devices such that the arrangement is reduced to triad chords or heavily embelished with breaks to make it "R&B". Music, as we have it today, is an exhibition of paints instead of paintings.

Some would say that this is an age when music is minimalised to the narratives, but without its association to movies, celebrities, etc., it does not justify the message or bears none at all. God have mercy on our SOUL!

There's not so much good in today's music. More than half of the contemporary local music is a compendium of novelties designed only to sell. This words might hurt our artists, but their products will make the people suffer come campaign period when their jingly songs starts to rampage the peace.

We are calling for the real artists to come out, from hiding or from within the artists themselves. Let planetGimik be a venue for musicians who record music with the intent to deliver an effect instead of a commodity. The hegemony of audile crap should be put to an end.

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