the making of Mezeta:
A Latin American place just on the border of UP Los Baños
Pre-Construction 24 images
15 square meters of floor area, a cupboard under the stairs, multicolored tiles and too much light
After the Storm 10 images
Garry uses "the force" to get out of some delays
Daylight charms of Mezeta 15 images
All we need is the sun to transform this place into a garden resto
First dinner at the bar 12 images
The partners were to eager to try out the ambience
Fun time! 10 images
Planning is concluded in song
Food! Glorious Food! 10 images
Garry prepares a set of unique dishes which promises to make anyone forget his own name
Photo ops for the guests 15 images
Friends enjoy the new interiors
Case of a vanishing architect 22 images
Just a few days before the opening with a hundred things left to do, the architect performs a vanishing act
Soft Opening 25 images
Friends and family get the first look at the bar
First Saturday 23 images
The first Saturday we stopped talking about the bar and had fun instead
Grand Opening 55 images
Great music, hot chicks and drinking games
Mezeta style 28 images
Warm tones and earthy textures defined with bold geometric lines create our unique ambience which is cozy yet sophisticated